Saturday, 25 May 2013

Introducing Custer

Meet Custer!!! This is the photo taken on day 2 of his meeting with us his new family .  As you see Custer is a Yellow Labrador, he is aged 16 months and we are to be his fourth home.  Can you believe that? a dog so young...
But that is just the thing these days, firstly poor breeders - and I mean 'Poor' as in 'BAD' breeders of which they are NOT all - will give up a puppy to anybody with the cash. Then, many individuals are just not prepared to put in the time and training it takes for a good dog, they are not born!!! but trained.  But that lecture is for another blog post (and trust me its on its way!).

Custer has had zero training.  My husband describes him as a 16 week old puppy in a 16 month old body, which is BIG and powerful - not a good mix.  Custer has been with us for 28 hours, in that time he has pulled hubby on the floor twice, peed on the bedroom carpet, kept us awake for most of the night, and is a complete and total pest to the Lurcher, resulting in an awful lot of teeth and growls.

On the plus side - yes there is one!  I have taught him what 'ball' is, taught him to 'find' ball and sometimes even retrieve it, this one is going to take more work.  He is loving his grooming, and his coat is starting to improve and having been out this afternoon and purchased a 'halti' he is learning to walk on the lead without pulling folk on the floor.  Not a lesson he is enjoying much as this is the most stubborn Labrador I have even met in over 16 years of dealing with Labradors and rescue dogs.

Custer is a loving and insecure boy, he is guarding the house (a bit too much) and obviously has no idea what is role in life is, very confused by all the homes and lack of guidance he has had so far.

A busy week ahead, he needs registering at our vet, and taking to meet our supervet Uncle Owen.  Also needed is a training school, were he can learn some controlled socialisation, as this is something else he has no idea about.  In the future we hope there will be other activities to focus his brain and teach it how to work more positivley.   Custer is of course too young for agility as yet, but hopefully this is something he can do in the future.

Thats all for now, whilst I make sure he is not chewing anything he shouldnt be.


  1. He looks lovely Lynda. It's going to take time, patience and love to train him. I hope you succeed as I think it will be worth it in the long run.

    Such a pity he has had so little training in his life. He must be so confused.

    Shirley x

  2. Thanks Shirley, oh yes I have a post about rescue dogs and patience ready in my head. Quite correct it is such a shame that people cannot be bothered to put in the work with a young pup, so much easier than when you have 7 stone of dog to try persuade to do things.